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Highlights from 2012

November 30, 2012

The Sydney Friends of Bumi Sehat have enjoyed an extremely productive year in raising funds for Bumi Sehat.  This year we decided to change the theme and introduced Music for Life as our major fundraising event.  A concert was held at the University of Technology, Sydney with live performances by some extremely talented artists which proved to be an enormous success, and raised almost $3,000.

To help boost our efforts a campaign was launched introducing Buy a Brick to help us reach our goal in supporting Bumi Sehat and help build an earthquake safe clinic.

With the support from family and friends throughout the year we raised an additional $1,170 just by sponsoring a Fun Run and exchanging birthday gifts for donations and this amount continues to grow.

We were extremely fortunate in helping to secure sponsorship from LinFox who are a major supply chain to leading companies across the Asia Pacific region and who strive to make a positive difference to the communities in which they live and work by being socially accountable in line with the Linfox values.  This sponsorship will help to cover basic operational costs such as the purchase of medical supplies to administer urgent blood transfusions, vaccinations and financial support and assistance when surgery is required.

The 10 year anniversary of the Bali bombing resulted in a positive outcome for Bumi Sehat, due to the generosity of Aleta Lederwasch a survivor of the Bali bombings.  Aleta was approached to do an interview on her experience and initially hesitated in participating, but then decided if she could donate the $500 to a foundation that provides help to the Balinese people then it would be worthwhile,which was an extremely generous gesture from Aleta.

A few supporters of the Sydney Friends of Bumi Sehat are off to Cambodia in December to participate in the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon and will be running 10km to raise funds for Bumi Sehat.  If you would like to show your support and sponsor the runners you can make a donation via Crowdrise an on-line fundraising site where donations are collected for Bumi Sehat as a registered charity on Crowdrise.

Aside from all the fundraising this year their was an extremely gratifying moment when the Sydney Friends of Bumi Sehat were honoured to be awarded the University of Technology, Sydney Jo Wilton Award for Human Rights in 2012.  This was not only a great honour but recognition for all that we have been striving to achieve.

thanks-end of year-poster-small The last event for 2012 will be to say a Big Thank You at a Morning Tea to be held at the University of Technology, Sydney on Tuesday 11 December.  It will be an opportunity to thank our many generous sponsors and show our appreciation for the support extended to our cause.  We look forward to seeing you at this event.

So if you have not had to donate now is the time to do it…buy a brick, make a donation or join us for Morning Tea at UTS on Tuesday 11 December at 10:30. 

Sign up and get involved in further fundraising events in 2013.

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