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Do you want to volunteer?

March 7, 2012

Thank you for your interest in joining the Sydney Friends of Bumi Sehat and becoming a volunteer.

First of all I would like to give you an overview of the things that we do and our aim in support of Bumi Sehat. When you have had time to consider all of this please Contact Liz or Beryl to let us know how you would like to volunteer your support.

Who we are?
We are a group of Sydney friends, largely supported by our family, friends and colleagues. In November 2010 our first event raised $7000.00. In 2011 we organized a film screening of Guerrilla Midwife and our major fundraiser for that year was held in October 2011 a High Tea which raised approx. $3050.00 this huge drop in funds raised indicates a massive increase in the number of global tragedies and people are unable to support every single cause. Our aim is to continually support Bumi Sehat and always give 100% back to the Clinic.  This means we have to beg, borrow and source as much as we can to ensure minimum financial impact on the funds we raise and it is why we need your support.

News from Bumi Sehat
I visited Bumi Sehat in January 2012, and we discussed how best we could work together to continue to raise more funds in Bali and in Sydney. It was agreed that continuing with the annual fundraising events in Sydney are extremely beneficial as they provide an additional source of funding which the clinic can rely on. In Bali we need to focus on the South of the island andl help spread the word beyond the region of Ubud where the clinic is located.

The CNN prize money of $300,000 is an enormous boost to the clinic, but there is no denying that demand for services at the clinic have grown, Bumi Sehat offers their services 24/7, and all services and medicine are provided free of charge, with a turnover of 63,000 patients, operational costs at $600 per day need to be managed and the clinic can no longer be considered a safe building, this was dramatically highlighted back in October 2011 when Bali was struck by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake.

How can you help?
Volunteering with the Sydney Friends of Bumi Sehat could involve you in any or all of the following areas:

  • Provide assistance in seeking sponsors – either monetary support or the sale of corporate tables at our events, sourcing donations towards prizes or resources that will assist us in hosting future events.
  • Major raffle prizes – are a great draw card, we are always looking for the names of contacts/organisations willing to donate a fabulous prize.
  • Promoting fundraising events – seeking support from potential groups, businesses, friends and family who are interested in attending our events and supporting our fundraising.
  • Spread the word using our email campaigns, links to Bumi Sehat, blog etc. and assist in getting people interested and aware of our events. Contribute names to our database of supporters, identify groups, family members, friends or colleagues who might be interested in supporting our events.
  • Catering at our events – in the past we have relied on the generous support of businesses who have donated catering supplies, including food and wine. We need to expand our reach, rather than relying on the same businesses, which may no longer be able to support us.
  • Source in-kind catering suppliers, or willing individuals who are able to bake scones, cakes and dainty bite sized food, or help prepare sandwiches etc. for our major High Tea fundraising event.
  • Assist in the set up and preparation of events.
  • Identify a champion for our cause e.g. famous Australian/new mum who could relate to the Clinic. Christy Turlington-Burns (UK) has already established a relationship with Robin Lim and Bumi Sehat since the announcement of the CNN Awards. Christy promotes Every Mother Counts…..we need our own celebrity.

What can you do…?

Contact Liz or Beryl

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